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The New Mexico Livestock Board 

NMLB Tightens Up VS Rule to Protect State’s Livestock

As part of the ongoing effort to control New Mexico’s outbreak of vesicular stomatitis (VS), the New Mexico Livestock Board recently amended the existing VS rule.

Effective August 23, all livestock attending public livestock events, large and small, including fairs, gymkhanas, horse shows or ropings, must be accompanied by a current health certificate, or certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), issued within the past five days.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board 

Vesticular Stomatitis (VS) Affects New Mexico

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) continues to affect the livestock population in New Mexico. The disease primarily affects cattle, horses, and swine, but also can be contracted by sheep and camelids. It is spread by a number of vectors, most commonly small biting insects such as gnats. Although VS seems to follow river valleys as it spreads, outbreaks are not uncommon outside those areas and can affect the entire state.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board 

NMLB Using Facebook, Email to Spread the Word

The New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) is using new online information tools to help producers, and anyone else who needs to move livestock into, out of, or around New Mexico to stay current on animal health issues. “We are continuing our efforts to make the agency more user-friendly, and hope these tools will be convenient for livestock owners,” said Myles Culbertson, Director of the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB).… Read the rest