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The New Mexico Livestock Board

Industry Protection and Law Enforcement

Dating back to the late 1800s, the New Mexico Livestock Board ((NMLB) then known as the Cattle Sanitary Board), employed sworn peace officers to handle livestock theft. Today the need for well trained law enforcement officers is even more crucial. Theft is still present, but foreign animal disease, border security, livestock abuse and cruelty, natural disaster relief and bio-security threats are ever increasing.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board

2013 Season Fair & Exhibition Rules

Springtime and fair tag-ins bring reminders of exhibition rules for the coming fair season. The N.M. Livestock Board has all current fair requirements and livestock importation requirements posted and available for download on their website

Navigation is easy; from the home page simply click on the ‘Import/Export/Exhibition’ link on the left and information regarding fair and exhibition rules will be available for download at the top of the page in pdf format.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board

Baca New Interim Director of New Mexico Livestock Board

Ray E. Baca, Las Vegas, was named Interim Director of the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) in late December. “I understand the industry’s needs and concerns, like animal health, theft, and animal cruelty, both as a rancher and as part of the New Mexico Livestock Board,” he said. “I am willing to give the industry 110 percent.”

“On behalf of the New Mexico Livestock Board, I would like to thank former director Myles Culbertson for his leadership and direction,” he continued.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board

Good News for New Mexico Producers on the Animal Health Front

Too often, producers’ interaction with or news from the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) is not necessarily positive – livestock movement restrictions, an animal disease outbreak, or problems with health papers or an inspection.

“During the recent Joint Stockmen’s meeting, a producer approached me and stated, “Dave, I hope that the next time I hear from you it is good news,” said Dave Fly, DVM, New Mexico State Veterinarian.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board

A perspective from the Director

by Myles Culbertson, Executive Director

As we close out 2012, it is a good time to take a look back over the past year, in fact the past few years, and give some thought to how we should approach the future.

Animal health issues always require the agency’s attention and response. We are barely catching our breath after three years of dealing with bovine tuberculosis in N.M.,… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board

Number, Severity of Animal
Cruelty Cases On the Rise

Animal welfare cases are a growing part of the job for the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB), which has jurisdiction over cases involving livestock, and the majority of these cases involve horses.

Since July 1, inspectors Tim Allison, Barry Allen and John Eisenberger, along with investigators George Mendoza and Gene Cessun have investigated 26 animal cruelty cases in Area 1, which includes Chaves, Eddy, Lea, Roosevelt and Curry County, according to Area Supervisor Shawn Davis.… Read the rest


The New Mexico Livestock Board 

Feral Swine – A Growing

Problem for New Mexico

There is no question that feral swine are a growing problem in New Mexico. In addition to spreading disease, the animals destroy pasture and fences, prey on livestock and wildlife and compete for forage and water and spread invasive weeds. Due to the potential risk feral swine pose to animal health, the New Mexico Livestock Board – charged with protecting the health of New Mexico’s livestock industry – recently passed a rule designating the species a pest and clarifying that feral swine are not considered livestock or protected as livestock in the state.… Read the rest