NM Cow Belles Jingle Jangle

New Mexico CowBelles’ State Officers have completed the District workshop tour for 2016. It is always good to drive around New Mexico and visit with other locals and hear about the exciting Beef promotion events taking place. We have a great group of ladies who have a passion for promoting Beef and we all appreciate the enthusiasm.

Welcome to the Wagonwheel CowBelles.  This local has come back in full swing with many new members as well as junior CowBelles.

Traveling across the State with many miles between destinations opens up the opportunity to ponder many things and appreciate the different landscapes New Mexico has to offer. While traveling to Roy I realized how dependent I am on the digital world. Everything I do is online or on my cell phone.

For those of you that know me know that I literally freaked out without a cell signal.  We become so used to instant access to everything via our cell phones, well I have.  It’s a luxury and a want in day to day life. It isn’t something we need as we can survive without digital access. This concept was not far from my mind as the miles went by.

Someone once told me that human nature is such that we will fight for what we want but not so much for what we need.  I thought about this throughout the trip.  What if, as Beef producers, we only allowed the meat of the cow to be utilized.  Just food from the cow and didn’t allow any other part of the cow to be utilized, how big of a fight would we have?

Imagine telling Coach Bags that they can no longer utilize leather from the cow to manufacture their overly priced, fashionable handbags. Tell Prada that they can no longer make designer shoes and sit back and watch the fashion world cry out at the travesty that will befall Rodeo Drive! Think of the movie stars in Hollywood that can’t sport the newest leather fashion and how it might possibly devastate them to know that they can no longer be the sporty, fashionable actor/actress that they once were or thought they were.   

We could get into the complete list of product items made from the cow but there isn’t enough print and I’d be speaking to the choir. So, continue on ladies, continue educating on the complete benefits from our wonderful cows. If you happen to run into a vegan, kindly remind them that there is no such thing as a vegan. Throw on those leather shoes and let’s go eat some Beef!       

Chamiza Cowbelles – The March 3 meeting was called to order by President Nancy Phelps at 11 a.m. in Johnny B’s restaurant in TorC with 11 members present.  Cathy reported about 20 brands were collected with several more pending.  It was decided to put “established 1971” on the throws. Cheese factory tour March 8 and group will not reimburse for gas expense. The district meeting is March 17.  Eight attendees will pay the $25 fee at the door.  The group will donate four coffee mugs and a cookbook for door prize. Ag Day is April 15 at Petersens’ Ranch just outside Winston.  This year, each child will be required to bring his/her own lunch.  Cowbelles were asked to provide the “fixings” for dutch oven peach cobbler, ice cream, and the bowls and spoons.  The group agreed to provide the ice cream and eating utensils.  Dolores will inquire again about providing the ingredients for the peach cobbler as this would be the first time the Cowbelles have been asked to provide anything except labor. Region IV meeting will take place April 29 and 30 in Las Cruces.  Registration is $90 + $30 for Border Tour with a deadline of March 31st.  Nancy plans to attend. Robbie reported that bank now requires purchase of deposit slips and it was decided to do so. It was decided to donate $100 to the American Legion for the purchase of beef jerky to be sent to the troops.  It was decided to meet at same location in April. Meeting adjourned at noon. Submitted by Cathy Pierce

The regular meeting of the Chuckwagon CowBelles held at the Mountainair Christian Center on March 8, with 12 members, two guests present and President Lyn Greene presiding. The bucket for the District FFA Officer was passed around to members and $50 was collected.  Lilly McCarty, past State 4-H Diplomat, and Newt McCarty, Valencia County Agricultural Agent were the guests for the meeting. Lilly presented on life skills she has gained in 4-H and FFA. Mentoring others and having mentors have helped her grow as an individual and as a leader and served as a Diplomat. To become a Diplomat, application, interview and a team activity were required. Newt McCarty presented a new program offered in Valencia County by the Valencia County Cooperative Extension Service. The Valencia County Food Camp for kids is a first of its kind program in New Mexico and is focused on providing 30 youth ages 9-14 with an opportunity to learn where food comes from, the process of getting that food from the farm to the grocery store, how to prepare that food, and table etiquette. Youth will learn of the many potential career opportunities within the agriculture industry. This will be through field trips to farms, processors, retail stores, and restaurants. There will be two camps offered, with 15 youth participating per camp with first in June. During each camp, youth will be utilizing technology to capture his or her daily experiences and working in teams, youth will develop a final presentation to be shared with family and friends and used as a promotional tool for future Food Camps for Kids. There are numerous costs involved and in order to make participation in this camp accessible to all families living in a financially challenged county, they are seeking financial support from friends in the agricultural and educational communities. The estimated cost for the two, 6-day camp, is $7,200. This breaks down to $240 per child with each child receiving 36 hours of hands on education and experience. Business meeting began: The treasurer’s report was presented and filed for audit. A letter of opportunity for providing presentation at the 2016 Bosque Farms Elementary Ag Days May 12th-13th. Vera Gibson is getting the Chuckwagon CowBelle’s table cloth and said it should be ready in the next week or two. The District I Workshop is Tuesday, March 15th at the Corona Research Center. The ANCW Region VI Meeting is April 29th-30th in Las Cruces. One does not have to be a member of ANCW to attend meeting. If going on the border tour, send copy of ID, DOB and Legal Name to Janet Witte by March 31th in order to attend the tour. It was decided to financially support the Valencia County Food Camp for Kids by sponsoring one child ($240) to attend the camp. New Mexico Indian Livestock Days is May 11th-13th at Rt. 66 Casino. Lyn Greene will set up a booth for Chuckwagon CowBelles and sell knives again this year. Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm. Announcements: Next Meeting April 12th – Tommie Aber’s house; Tommie will furnish the meat, potluck everyone. Submitted by Lyn Greene

Corriente CowBelles – March 23, meeting was called to order by President Ashley Ivins at 6 pm.  Nine Junior Cowbelles prepared fajitas and banana pudding and presented part 2 of their beef skit. One new member Debbie Heineken. Fundraising- tickets are being sold for Cowboy jackpot. Cookbook– receiving recipes and photos, still getting more. Quilt– quilt top is complete, ready for backing and headed to the quilter in Roswell; to be complete by May 7th for display at Cowboy Jackpot.  1000 tickets will be ordered.  $5 for 1 ticket, or 5 tickets for $20. Smokey Bear Days-booth is $125, discussion, no motion, not participating. Cowbelle/Cattleman of the Year- votes tallied, awards ordered to be presented on May 7th. ANCW has received enrollment for Ashley, Kim, and Cheryl; will send in Valerie’s and group will will pay her fees. Beef Ambassador-Lauren Schlothauer visited cattlewomen in Lincoln County, took photos, had dinner with members, and stayed with the Ivins Family. Scholarship Committee- the application will be posted in newspaper. Family Picnic-Cedar Creek June 19 at 2 pm.  It was decided to pay for briskets and members to bring desserts and side dishes. Pat Nowlin Scholarship Nominee– decided to nominate Wade Stearns. 4th of July Cobbler Sale -BBQ-It was decided to sell cobblers, assist with set up, serve BBQ and donate cobblers. Goat roping– Jack Barlow to be asked re: set up of a small arena to host goat roping near the fairgrounds during the Smokey Bear Stampede. Upcoming Events: April 27-meeting-Smokey Bear Park-hot dog cook out 6pm; May 7– Cowboy Jackpot White Oaks; May 22– meeting-Hondo Iris Farm 1 pm; June 19– Family Picnic Cedar Creek 2 pm; July 4– Cobbler sale and serve BBQ-fairgrounds. Ashley adjourned at 7:51 pm. From the February 17 Meeting: Pot of Gold Dance– will not be in March. The No Scum Allowed Saloon was secured for May 7 Cash Party. 100 tickets for $100 will be sold. Cowbelles will provide a plated beef dinner. Marlon Coffman will provide band, security and cash bar. It was suggested to have tax forms published for donations. Each member bring door prizes. Cookbook recipe deadline is April 1. ANCW Region VI meeting in Las Cruces is April 28-30. Registration is $90 + $30 (send ids to Janet Witte by April 1) for Border Tour. The $90 Registration will be paid for Corriente Members. The 2016 Budget was accepted. Response to the LCFA Allegation was read and will be presented to the Fair Board and a copy filed with the secretary. Submitted by Sharon Young

Powderhorn Cattlewomen will be attending the District Meetings this month in lieu of regular meeting.  The group is having a Spring style show on March 19th at Church of Christ in Fort Sumner.  A brunch will be served with fashions provided by Six-Shooters of Ft Sumner, Morgan Menagerie, Ft Sumner and GW Clothier of Clovis.  Tickets are $10. Submitted by Joan Key

Mesilla Valley CowBelles hosted the District III Workshop on March 17, 2016 honoring St Patrick’s Day with a St. Patty’s Day theme. There were 29 ladies in attendance with 8 locals represented and 3 NMCB Officers. Beef promotion and education was provided with laughter, comradery and fun had by all! A very enjoyable day all topped off by beautiful and tasty St Patrick’s Day cupcakes provided by “Sweet Sensations by Shawnna” sherrieshawnna@yahoo.com . Thank you Shawnna!

New Mexico CowBelles: Thank you to all who have submitted their news to Jingle Jangle.  Please send minutes and/or newsletters to Jingle Jangle, Janet Witte, 1860 Foxboro Ct., Las Cruces, NM  88007 or email: janetwitte@msn.com  the 14th of each month.