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New Mexico CowBelles’ State Officers have completed the District workshop tour for 2016. It is always good to drive around New Mexico and visit with other locals and hear about the exciting Beef promotion events taking place. We have a great group of ladies who have a passion for promoting Beef and we all appreciate the enthusiasm.

Welcome to the Wagonwheel CowBelles.  This local has come back in full swing with many new members as well as junior CowBelles.… Read the rest


For those of you that called legislators or traveled to Santa Fe, thank you!  We got news that the Right to Farm Bill passed off the Senate and House Floors without he amendments sought by the Animal Rights groups. The Depredation Payment Bill passed out of House Ag, Water & Wildlife, but the grim budget outlook will more than likely keep it from going any further.

Bill Montoya and Bob Ricklefs were confirmed by the Senate to continue serving on the Game Commission.… Read the rest


As I get older I have learned to respect the wisdom of our elders, to learn from what they have to say. Several times my mom would look out the window and say “the snow is coming, not today, not tomorrow but it’s coming”. She would go on to tell me about the big snow when “Marvin broke his arm” and the drifts were 6 feet tall.

We got snow, not like the one mom talked of but we got snow. Snow and cold temperatures provided a mecca for the beauty provided by nature.… Read the rest


by Anita Hand, NM Cowbelles President, & others

When I was younger I used to be told to appreciate the little things in life to hold on to each victory as each victory leads to the next one.  I never really appreciated the little things back when I was younger and I knew everything, but today I am learning.

Lauren Schlothauer, New Mexico’s 2016 Beef Ambassador and 2016 National Beef Ambassador team member provided a workshop for the New Mexico CowBelles during the Annual Joint Stockmen’s meeting in December.… Read the rest


So I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is – if you’re trying to reach your congressman about an issue, research shows it only takes 30 mentions of a particular topic for them legislator to pay attention. The bad news is – many of us are going to need to learn a new method of communication.

A new report, conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) shows how lawmakers and voters interact on social media.Read the rest


Do you remember what you were doing that fall? It might be hard to remember considering it was 41 years ago, but the ladies of the Lariat CowBelles remember it well. That was the first year they hosted Five States in Clayton. They envisioned the meeting as a way to bring cattlewomen from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas together in New Mexico to discuss important issues. They have continued this tradition and just wrapped up their 41st gathering.… Read the rest


This is not just a great advertising slogan, it’s also one of the goals of the New Mexico CowBelles. Indeed, increasing demand for BEEF is one of our primary missions and it looks like we’re succeeding! According to the American Society of Animal Science, a recent survey by Oklahoma State University shows that “consumer willingness to pay for all meat products has increased since this time last year. In fact, willingness to pay is at its highest since the survey began in 2013.”Read the rest