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Category: Aggie Notes

by Nick Ashcroft,
Extension Rangeland Management Specialist


There has been increased interest in seeding rangelands lately given reoccurring drought conditions. The biggest question is, ‘Will the benefits offset the costs?’ Benefits, other than monetary might include improved management opportunities, soil stability, improved wildlife habitat, increased water infiltration, ecological services, and aesthetics.Read the rest


by Dr. Kert Young,
Extension Rangeland Brush & Weed Specialist

started in mid-January as the Extension Rangeland Brush & Weed Specialist for New Mexico State University (NMSU). My experience with invasive plants began on our farm in western Idaho where we raised beef and dairy cows. Later, college and work experience would continue my relationship with invasive plants. I studied rangeland related coursework at Treasure Valley Community College, Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, and Brigham Young University.Read the rest


Marcy Ward, NMSU Extension
Livestock Specialist

Experts in the beef industry have argued about the definition of efficiency in cattle for years. Some say it’s the straight conversion of pounds of feed to pounds of gain. Others say it is the level of input required to maintain performance.  While others claim efficiency may be defined as increasing performance without additional inputs. The confusion has transferred over to EPD’s (Expected Progeny Difference) and bull selection.Read the rest