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Gone But Not Forgotten: Bring Back North American Elephants

TUCSON, ARIZ. -- Many an imagination has been enchanted by visions of wild America reconstructed by writers and painters of old.
A few imaginative people, such as University of Arizona geosciences Professor Emeritus Paul S. Martin, go beyond this by encouraging a restocking of modern-day plains with animals of the past. Martin envisions reserves with buffalo roaming, deer and antelope playing, elephants browsing.


Four Legged Aliens
— by Lee Pitts

And you thought the Endangered Species Act was bad! Just wait until you hear what your government has in store for you now. How does the U.S. Invasive Species Super Structure sound? Whoever thought this one up must be from outer space!

Last May, when President Clinton had other important issues on his mind, he issued a draft Presidential Executive Order that would make cows and corn "Invasive Alien Species." If Clinton gets his way, or perhaps his successor Al Gore, any freedoms the feds could not trample with the Endangered Species Act they may annihilate with the Invasive Alien Species Council. Only, instead of saving plants and animals they plan on eradicating them. If your place was somehow passed over by the feds in protecting species, you surely won´t be missed when they come to exterminate them. We warn you, this story is NOT going to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is one alien sighting you had better take seriously.


Global Warming — Is The Sun To Blame?

Global warming may not be caused by humanity´s fossil fuel emissions, but could be due to changes in the Sun.
Research suggests that the magnetic flux from the Sun more than doubled this century. As solar magnetism is closely linked with sunspot activity and the strength of sunlight reaching Earth, the increase could have produced warming in the global climate.
The evidence for an increasingly energetic Sun comes from a new analysis of the magnetic field between the planets, carried out by scientists at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, near Oxford, UK.


Create A Crises, Inc.
— by Lee Pitts

Chicken Little was a piker compared to green groups who are sounding the alarm that the end of the world has come. Just listen to these recent prognostications:


Forever Is A Long Time
— by Lee Pitts

In a letter to the Nature Conservancy congratulating the group on its 50th anniversary President Bush wrote, "The Nature Conservancy´s accomplishments over the last five decades are remarkable."

No kidding! Surely the founders back in 1951, who were then known as The Ecologist Union, could not have envisioned what their organization would one day become. Fifty years later The Nature Conservancy . . .

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